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by Andy Sloan


Published by Virgin in paperback on May 4 2006, priced £7.99


“Magic” The Daily Telegraph

“Fantastic tale” John Motson

“Quite frankly lads, I couldn’t give a monkeys about football” David Gower

“it’s only a game, unless you’re English” The Guardian


Aspiration and alcohol led to a surreal and hilarious World Cup adventure for student Andy Sloan. Intent on fulfilling every schoolboy’s ambition of partaking in the World Cup Final, Andy set out on a marathon football pilgrimage via the great stadiums of the world. To complicate things he decided to take along a table-football table and challenge the 23 Football Associations en route to a game, along with all fans, monks, celebrities, yaks and players that crossed his ever wayward path.


This uproarious travelogue details his trip across Europe, Russia, Iran and the Himalayas on the road to Japan, taking him from shaking hands with Sven and scoring freebie match tickets from David Beckham’s mum and dad, to playing a game against the Iranian National team the night before their clash against Iraq, taking tea in the home of the Dalai Lama and being late for the World Cup Final due to an audience with Pelé.


Cultural barriers are torn down and national animosities temporarily forgotten as folks from across the world banter with Sloan through the international language of football.


With comedy, travel and more football facts than Roy Keane’s had red cards, 23 Sweet FAs is a unique and fascinating book for anyone who’s ever caught World Cup Fever.



From student to global adventurer, Andy Sloan is now a full time solicitor with a City law firm, and a part time action man - running marathons, long distance cycling and climbing mountains in his spare time. This is his first book.     


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